Meet Aaron and Cassandra

Aaron Taylor

Owner | Metal Fabricator

Aaron started welding when he was 15 years old, fabricating farm gates for a small business in his hometown of Crampton, Ontario. He would go there each night after school and on weekends to perfect his welding skills – at times competing to see how many gates he could weld in an 8-hour shift. Holding down the record of 112 12’ gates in 8 hours, it became obvious that metal fabricating would be a long-lasting passion, and owning his own business one day would be a dream come true.

Fast forward 27 years later, working in the manufacturing industry for the last 24 years, countless pig roasts throughout the summer, side jobs he has completed, and three boys who idolize Daddy and what he does; he has finally started his own company, with the help of his partner (in business and in life), Cassandra.

After many long nights and weekends and an overwhelming amount of orders; in May of 2017, Aaron took the daunting step and pursued Taylored Custom Fab as a full-time operation fabricating anything from custom table legs, wine racks, pig roasters to custom gates, fences and welding repairs, along with some commercial work. 

Being an entrepreneur definitely has its rewards and a fair share of challenges, but when he is not spending time with his three boys Brandon, Thomas and Jackson,  Aaron is designing, fabricating and coordinating with Cassandra for Taylored Custom Fab.

Cassandra Berkelmans

Owner | Operations

Cassandra graduated with a Law Clerk diploma from Fanshawe College, so naturally, paperwork and organization is right up her ally. After she graduated, she became a Legal Assistant and worked in a corporate firm, and then transitioned to a civil litigation firm in downtown Toronto before moving to work at a litigation firm in Waterloo. After her two sons, Thomas and Jackson, were born (on the same day, two years apart – how neat is that), Aaron and Cassandra decided it would make the most sense for her to stay home with the boys.

In the spring she goes “back to her roots,” helping out her dad, uncle and cousin who own a wholesale and retail greenhouse operation. Cassandra has recently taken on the role of marketing for the retail operation, Berkies’ Bloomers. 

By starting their own business, Aaron and Cassandra have the opportunity to explore their passions even further – Aaron handles the designing and metal fabrication and Cassandra manages the planning, accounting and marketing. They are partners in business and in life, and enjoy working as a unified team in both environments. You can trust any product you purchase from Taylored Custom Fab will be designed and welded out of love – a love for the work, the business, and for the legacy they are creating for their children.